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The applications for the first-cycle of the Technical Capacity Building Program (TCBP) have been well received. Applicants will be informed accordingly. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic the trainings have been postponed. As the SMIIC family, we wish for a safe and healthy life to everybody. We hope that through all the concerted efforts of the international community and the will of Allah(S.W.T.) we will be able overcome this pandemic at the earliest. The new dates of the postponed trainings will be announced in due course.


At the 6th annual SMIIC Metrology Council (MC) Meeting held in Istanbul between 18 – 19 April 2019, it was decided that a Technical Capacity Building Program (TCBP) would be organized for the staff of  SMIIC MC Member States in order to build their technical capacities as mentioned in the Resolution 04/2019 (doc. MC/06/Minutes, 06/05/2019). The program will be held in two cycles (2020 and 2021) with short and long term trainings with laboratory practices and research activities. Republic of Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the Member States that will provide the training and host the participants during the program.

This program provides opportunities for metrologists to gain knowledge and experience by participating in training for a period up to 6 weeks or research on a subject of their interest for a period of 1 to 3 months in TUBİTAK UME, IMBIH and SASO NMCC, the national metrology institutes of Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Saudi Arabia, respectively. The training will be realized by the technical experts of these institutes and will be supplemented by laboratory practices. Participants may also structure their own training program centred around a particular research interest of their choice. For the research activity the attendees are expected to prepare a short description of the project they would like to realize and submit it to the SMIIC MC.  

The program is aimed particularly at relatively less experienced scientific and technical staff of the SMIIC MC Member States. Potential attendees should submit their scientific interests and intentions as a project or select among available training programs.


General Information 

  1. The NMIs of Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Saudi Arabia are offering a training program aimed building the technical capacities of the NMIs of SMIIC MC member countries. 

  2. The program will be organized in two cycles with 10 participants at each cycle and hosting country for attendees coming from different geographical areas of SMIIC MC Member States. 

  3. Beside training it is possible to perform research on a subject of participants’ choice. 

  4. The program will provide opportunities for young and relatively less experienced metrologists by training and experienced metrologists by research activity to gain experience and in-depth knowledge on a particular subject.

  5. 7 Participants will be accepted to the training program and 3 participants will be accepted to the research project activity.  

  6. The participants can choose to study for a period up to 6 weeks for the training or 1 to 3 months for research activity. 

  7. Potential attendees may also submit their particular scientific interests and intentions as a project or training subject / field they are interested in, based on which a tailored program may be structured.


Important Dates 

  1. Application for the first cycle starts on 1st Nov., 2019.

  2. Dead line for application for the first cycle has been extended to the 31st December 2019 extended to 29 February 2020.

  3. Notification of acceptance of the applications is 31st January 2020  extended to 14 March 2020.

  4. The first training cycle will be held in June 2020 in S. Arabia, in September 2020 in Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Application Process 

  1. Metrologists from NMIs/DIs interested in participating in the programme should complete the online application form, after having first obtained the written approval of the director(s) of their institute.

  2.  Please see the Application Form below for application to the programs.


SMIIC MC TCBP Training/Research Activity


Training Program

The participants are expected to choose one of the subjects given at links below;


Training and accommodation costs will be covered by the host countries. Trainees and/or their institutions are responsible for their travel, insurance and personal expenditures.


Host NMI Laboratory Capabilities 

Please visit the websites given below for the laboratory capabilities for the host countries