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The Metrology System in Palestine

Metrology is the science of measurements and its activities with a view to developing the procedures, methods and national reference equipments in the different fields to assure the correctness of the measuring equipments used in all fields of our daily life through calibration and verification using validated procedures in order to reach the required level of quality of products and services in all areas of life and assure transparency in trade and health and environment, which leading to contribute to the development of the national economy.

From this perspective, the Palestinian Government paid great attention to the issue of metrology and authorized Palestinian Standards Institution (PSI) to prepare a national metrology system to regulate the whole metrology activities in Palestine.

2003 was the Palestinian metrology system approved by cabinet where it emerged through this system the National Measurement Directorate, which is responsible for the implementation of the system according the international regulation and practices.

According to international definitions and practices in metrology, metrology is classified into:

Industrial metrology which is responsible for the calibration of the equipments used in the industry.
Legal metrology which is responsible for assuring a fair and transparency in trade and protecting citizen's health and environment, through verifying the equipments used in those areas.
Scientific metrology which is responsible for developing and maintenance and assuring the traceability of the National Standards. ​


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