The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries / Metrology Council



Metrology forms the backbone of standards and is one of the main areas of concern for SMIIC (The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries). SMIIC aims to achieve uniformity in metrology and laboratory testing among Member States, for this purpose has established the SMIIC Metrology Council consisting of SMIIC Member State national metrology institutes and purposes attaining this by:

  • Having an inventory of existing calibration standards and establish a chain of traceability reaching reference standards for each basic unit.
  • Acting as intermediary, for any unit, for meeting calibration requirements which may arise at any link of the chain to be established. It shall, through its staff of experts, certify the extent of accuracy and precision with which any calibration laboratory offers services.
  • Supplying metrology services by making the most efficient use of the existing potentials in the Member States and aid in solving their problems in the field of metrology through coordinated research.

Metrology Council (MC) acts as SMIIC’s operational organ for cooperation between national metrology authorities from Islamic Countries. This cooperation involves activities in the field of scientific, legal and industrial metrology. MC is also involved in conducting necessary activities for supporting development of quality infrastructure; realization, maintenance and dissemination of measurement standards in physical quantities and metrology in chemistry; implementation of quality management systems, knowledge transfer, research and development in this area in Member Countries.