The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries / Metrology Council



The SMIIC MC is working for harmonization and implementation of measurement standards among the OIC Member States, aiming at improving quality of life and eliminating technical barriers to trade and thus developing the trade among themselves and other countries. It also provides strong support to OIC Member States for achieving uniformity in metrology, laboratory testing and standardization issues which will be beneficial in all scientific research activities and Halal conformity assessment activities. Besides, education and training, providing technical assistance and capacity building and knowledge transfer to the OIC Members is an important part of the activities carried out by the SMIIC MC. 

The main work areas of Metrology Council can be briefed as follows;

  1. Coordination cooperation in all types of scientific, industrial and legal metrology activities and policies among the OIC Member States and providing strong support for enhancement of laboratory infrastructures, from consultancy to turn-key laboratory establishment.
  2. Constitution a traceability chain to reference standards of OIC Member States for each base and derived SI unit among the Member States in accordance with requirements of the Members and supporting integration of the national measurement system of each Member to the International Measurement System.
  3. Organizing joint research and development projects in the field of metrology, and using the outputs of these projects in halal products testing and production of the relevant Reference Materials and providing consultancy for any request related to metrology, calibration, testing, production of reference materials, halal products, and any other relevant fields. 
  4. Establishing the quality management systems (QMS) for NMIs and calibration laboratories where Member States are seeking approval of their QMS and improving the efficient use of available resources present in the Members to meet their overall metrological needs better.
  5. Organizing inter-laboratory comparisons and proficiency testing for monitoring the laboratory performance and assuring the quality of measurement results, in line with the relevant OIC/SMIIC and relevant international standards i.e. ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 17034 and ISO 17043 standards. 
  6. Organizing researcher exchange programs, capacity building and knowledge transfer (CB&KT) programs, short term metrology projects, short term theoretical and practical focused trainings to improve capability of technical staff in the OIC Members in metrology and Halal Products.