The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries / Metrology Council



The objectives of SMIIC Metrology Council are:

  1. To harmonize and facilitate the activities of metrology services in Member Countries on the basis of international arrangements and regional metrology organization membership requirements which means realization of mutual recognition of national measurement standards and calibration/measurement certificates issued by national metrology institutes (CIPM MRA, International Committee for Weights and Measures Mutual Recognition Arrangement).
  2. To harmonize the requirements for measuring instruments subject to metrological control on the basis of international legal metrology recommendations of OIML.
  3. To promote and contribute to improvement of any metrological activity in Member Countries and develop mechanism of active and effective cooperation between the Members enhancing technical and metrological capabilities of Member Institutions.
  4. To contribute to the establishment of closer cooperation between the national economies of Member Countries and removing technical barriers to trade.
  5. To contribute to the enhancement of the technical capabilities of Member Countries by organizing training programs, technical consultancy and assistance.