The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries / Metrology Council


National Metrology Center of Iran (NMCI-ISIRI)

National Metrology Center of Iran (NMCI) works under the authority of Iran National Standards Organization (INSO). The first Weights and Measures Law in Iran was adopted in 1925 in 11 articles and two annexes. According to this law, the metric system was announced as the official measuring system in the country. This Law was amended in 1932 in the Parliament. In 1975, Islamic Republic of Iran joined Meter Convention and parliament adopted Iran’s membership to BIPM and OIML. In 2016 NMCI Signed the CIPM-MRA and in 2017 it becomes an Associate Members of APMP.
NMCI establishes and maintains the national reference measurement standards in accordance with the International System of Units and disseminates measurement traceability throughout Islamic Republic of Iran.
NMCI has 7 laboratories covering mechanical and physical measurements including Temperature, Electrical, Dimension, Force, Pressure, Mass and Pre-package laboratories.
•        Ensure realization, maintenance and storage of national measuring standards.
•        Insure the establishment of traceability of measurement in through national measurement standard.
•        Development and expansion of Legal Metrology

Continuously improve the national measuring standard to support the country’s trade, people’s quality of life and enable the protection of environment.
NMCI is committed to providing a safe workplace that is free of undue commercial, financial, and other internal and external pressures that would adversely affect the fit-for-purpose quality of the technical work of the Institute. High standards of ethical conduct, impartiality, objectivity and protection of confidential or proprietary information are vital to the success of NMCI programs and required of all employees
NMCI Duties 
With regard to the implementation of INSO’s duty for “developing SI systems as the official system of Weights and Measures in Iran and Calibration of measurement tools”, the duties of NMCI are as follows:
NMCI Duties as National Metrology Institute (NMI):
•        Developing SI systems as the official system of measuring in the country
•        General policy making in scientific and industrial metrology area
•        Measurement traceability of all measurements in the country
•        Establishment, maintenance and updating National Reference Labs
•        Calibration of reference measuring equipment of the accredited labs in field of calibration
•        Developing National standards of measuring and participation in the development of International Standards
•        Conducting research in field of Measurement
NMCI Duties as National Legal Metrology Institute (NLMI)
•        General policy making in Legal  metrology area
•        Surveillance on all measurements in the country
•        Commenting and voting on OIML International Standards drafts
•        Seal marking of all weighing instruments in the country
•        Managing annual verification of all scales, weighbridges, gas stations in the country.


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